Thursday, July 16, 2015

My Cisco Dream

Remember those awesome days when RuPaul was the face of WebEx? I sure do, even though I was barely out of the litter back then. I thought she had the coolest job in the world. So when Cisco bought the company and laid her off, I was really bummed for a while. But then I got to thinking ...

"Scruffy," I thought to myself. "Cisco is going to wake up one day and realize that they need an official spokesperson. Not just for WebEx, but for all of their ├╝ber-advanced products and services."

That, my friends, was the day my lifelong dream was born. Someday, Scruffy Panda was going to be the spokesperson for Cisco! I've been studying up since then on everything they do, from conferencing and collaboration, to data center switches and storage networks.

Please check out my audition video and then help me campaign for the job. Don't be shy. Share it on all of your social networks. Tell your friends. Stalk Cisco employees on LinkedIn and share it with them. Help this little panda achieve his dream.

Thank you in advance!

Your friend,


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